Qiyamat qiyamat a tawil...

This song contains words that aren't in English-- Translation is either provided or needed.

Violenza Domestica (Domestic Violence)
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Written by Mike Patton
Duration: 5:14
Appears on: Disco Volante
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"Violenza Domestica" ("Domestic Violence" in English) is the sixth song on the album Disco Volante.

Lyrics Edit

Italian Edit

Cattivo come adesso non lo sono stato mai
Cattivo come adesso non lo sono stato mai

Ti faro' male in posti che nessuno potra' mai vedere...NESSUNO!
In posti che ti faranno male per il resto della tua vita!

"Ma perche' (Perche' fai cosi'?)"
"Ma sempre, sempre cosi'"
"Ma... guarda!"
"Ma senti!"

"Ma, ma voglio dire che... che..."
"Ma io non sono una persona che..."

"Basta! Basta...basta! Hai capito!"
"Ti prego!"

Sai che puoi fidarti solo di me
Non ti crederanno mai

Ascolta [incorrectly spelled "escolta" in album cover]
Ascoltami bene


Ti ricordi chi tiene famiglia?

I denti non possono dire niente... senza la lingua...
Perche' la tua lingua e' mia! Mia! MIA!

English Edit

Angry as now, I have never been before
Angry as now, I have never been before

I'll hurt you in places that no one will ever see...NO ONE!
In places that will hurt you for the rest of your life!

But why?
Why are you doing this?
But always like this
But... look!
But listen!

But I want to say that... that...
But I am not the kind of person that...

Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Do you understand?
I beg you! I beg you!

You know that you can trust only me
They will never believe you

Listen to me
Listen to me
Listen to me well

Be careful!

Do you remember who is the head of the family?

The teeth can say nothing without the tongue...
Because your tongue is mine! Mine! MINE!