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This song contains vulgar content such as profanity or sexual language-- You've been warned.'

Stubb (A Dub)
Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle
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Written by Unknown
Duration: 7:19
Appears on: Mr. Bungle
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Stubb (A Dub) is the 6th song in the album Mr. Bungle.

Lyrics Edit

Do you remember
We called you puppy?
Now you're one of us
We call you family


Treading underfoot and stinking ass
Hold the door aside and let her pass


Reflections of a bloated lie
A life stored in your cloudy eye
Now it's time to say goodbye
Stubb a Dub will never die

Chase a tail that isn't there
It's time to wipe your butt
Sliding down butt hill

Dahg Rastubfari - do you know
That you're a fucking dog?
If you can hear me, then throw up
Give me a sign
And I'll throw a stick, bring it back
Roll over and die
You taught me a lesson - thanks mom!

Do you understand me
Do you think about me when you're peeing?
Do you really think you're gonna grow
Into a human being?

This dog has seen better days

You're gonna die
How does it feel, Stubb?

Eat & sleep
Fulfill your only roll
Let your problems seep
Out of your hole


Do you remember
We called you family?
Now you're underground
We call you memory