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Written by Trevor Dunn
Duration: 5:07
Appears on: Disco Volante
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Backstrokin' Merry Go Bye Bye
"Platypus" is the twelfth track on the album Disco Volante.

Lyrics Edit

Ornithorhynchus anatinus - platypus
Sleeping geology
On the isolated shore
For millions of years
Experimental continent
On purpose or accident?
Mysterious evolving
Problem solving
A vaudeville? A nation including one superior creation
A vertebra? Inverted...quite unheard of...
Orphan in a family
And a sole survivor
He's a living fossil
Reptillian? Mammalian
He's a bird-beaked, beaver-butt Australian
Amphibious? Paradox wearing plaid socks
Furry beetle? A bugbear, and a palezoologist's nightmare
Symmetrical physique of disbelief
The platypus has the brain of a dolphin
and can be seen driving a forklift in his habitat of kelp
He is the larva of the flatworm
and has the ability to regenerate after injury
No relation to the flounder.
Someone shipped him to the blokes
Who said he was a hoax
So they cut him to pieces, wrote a thesis
A cranium of deceit, he's prone to lie and cheat;
It's no wonder -- a blunder from down under
Duckbill, watermole, duckmole!