Mr. Bungle, Mr. Bungle's debut album, is an experimental, jazz-funk, avant-garde metal album. This is their self-titled album and features ten tracks.

Quick Background Edit

Okay, some quick background on this record. It was recorded in San Francisco by Mr. Bungle, an experimental band. This 10-track record pretty much changed the metal scene with its rather strange content. These songs range from calm to vulgar in content.

Track Listing Edit

  1. "Quote Unquote" (Travolta)
  2. "Slowly Growing Deaf"
  3. "Squeeze Me Macaroni"
  4. "Carousel"
  5. "Egg"
  6. "Stubb (A Dub)"
  7. "My Ass is on Fire"
  8. "The Girls of Porn"
  9. "Love is a Fist"
  10. "Dead Goon"

Trivia Edit

  • Since this is their self-title, that means that this album was also named after a kids' character (Mr. Bungle). This character was meant to teach kids about bad habits.
  • "Quote Unquote" was originally titles "Travolta," but after John Travolta almost sued the band, the band took away the name and changed it.
  • The music video for "Quote Unquote" features people hanging from meat hooks and is kind of grody.